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                                                                                                產品主要用途/Main Purposes
                                                                                                It is mainly used for liquid concentrating in pharmaceutical, food and chemical industry. Besides it may also be used for alcohol recycling and simple counter-flow extraction.

                                                                                                產品結構/Product structure
                                                                                                This equipment is mainly composed by concentrator, primary condenser, vapor-liquid separator, primary condenser, cooler and liquid barrel. All the said six parts are made of stainless steel. The concentrator is of jacket structure; the condenser is of tabulation type and the cooler is of coiler type.
                                                                                                1、濃縮罐 2、冷凝器 3、汽液分離器 4、第二冷凝器 5、冷卻器 6、受液桶
                                                                                                1, concentrator   2, primary condenser   3, vapor-liquid separator    4, secondary condenser    5, cooler    6, the liquid barrel

                                                                                                主要技術參數參考表/Reference table of main technical parameters 

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