About Us

This Web Site contains important information about the process of achieving emotional healing by using the techniques of “Energy Healing”.  This type of therapy can and will bring emotional healing and freedom to those who are in emotional bondage of any kind.  Research has shown that energy therapy techniques, in many cases, have been shown to be faster and more effective than traditional “talk” therapy.

It contains several categories pertaining to complex emotional issues of life, and how to become free from the hindering emotional problems that one faces due to personal trauma in the past and present.  Medical Science has proven that trapped emotions can and will manifest themselves in ways that affect our emotional and physical being. Energy healing therapy techniques have also been proven to be safe and extraordinarily effective in the effort to rid the body of these negative forces

My intention is to make this site a resource for any and every one who is seeking freedom from emotional bondage in their lives. Bondage that is not only hindering them, socially, but physically as well.  I will try and cover as many topics as possible having to do with the process of releasing negative emotions as a way of pursuing emotional and physical health.  In the Blog portion,  I intend to make my comments from the viewpoint of a therapist using  techniques that I have been using for over 15 years.  These techniques have been proven to be some of the most effective methods in use to bring emotional freedom to people suffering from severe emotional disability caused by past trauma and trapped emotions that every one possesses.  This site discusses these issues in a “self-help” format and should not be considered medical advice given by a medical professional.

The comments I make will also come from the viewpoint of a person who very much believes in a creator who has made a creation or universe  of pure energy where we exist as energy ourselves.  Thus, making the need for emotional and physical energy healing essential.

Your comments are welcome, but I would ask that you respect the content and purpose of this site, and make your comments constructive, thought provoking, and directed to the post you are commenting on.  A history of approved comments may reap you an invitation to guest post now and then.

Please be advised that all posts on this web site are considered copyrighted material.

Thank you for visiting my site.  I expect you to reap great benefits.

Gaylen Beardsley,

Certified Therapist, Emotion Code/EFT