What Do You Really Believe

What you think you believe may not be what actually governs your actions because, what you believe, that’s what you always do.

Hi my name is Gaylen Beardsley and I’m a certified emotional therapist and I’ve been helping people for over 20 years using energy therapy. Are you finding it difficult to be the person you’re really want to be? Are you not living your life the way you think you should be living? Maybe you’re asking yourself, why am I having so much trouble bringing the two concepts? That is the concept of what I want and what is actually happening. Bringing those two concepts together, the truth of the matter is, the real issue for you is in your belief structure. Let me tell you why. What you believe is always an issue of the heart and not what you think in your head. The confusion or difference is that you think that you’d truly believe one way, but really in your heart you believe another way and that’s what’s causing your confusion.

The fact is you will always do what you believe 100% of the time. The opposite is just as true. You will never do anything. You don’t believe. If we’re doing something that you actually consider wrong or counterproductive in your mind, it’s because you believe in your heart something wrong or counterproductive. Otherwise you actually believe the wrong thing you’re doing is right.

In the same way, if you’re doing something that’s right, good or constructive, it’s because you believe in your heart. The thing that you’re doing is something right or good or constructive. Here’s an example that everyone can identify with if you’re not exercising regularly and that is something that you know as a foundation for good health and just about every way, it’s because you actually believe in your heart that you should not exercise and that it’s actually bad for you. I know it sounds weird, but what I’m saying to you is that in your understanding, you know exercise is good for you, but in your subconscious you actually think you should not exercise for one reason or another.

Here’s another example. If you’re not eating healthy, it’s because you believe in your subconscious that you should not eat healthy. Even if everything you say speaks of how eating healthy is good for you. Let me share an example from my own life.

When I was a young kid that is, I was about 10 weeks old. I was having a severe problem because I couldn’t hold down food and I became weaker and weaker and weaker and I was laying in my crib hollering and screaming at first. But then as I got weaker, I stopped crying out so much and I wasn’t moving and kicking so much. And my dad said, you know, he had to go away for the weekend and he said, you know, if the boy isn’t better when I get back, we’re going to take him to a different doctor. Well, I wasn’t kicking and screaming and I was kind of laying there not doing much of anything.

And so the next day my mom took me to the doctor and within six hours I was on the operating table and they were doing surgery on my stomach. The problem is I had grown so weak and didn’t have the strength and I actually quit living on the operating table three different times. I had to stop the procedure and get my heart back going and get me back in shape so that they could finish the surgery. Well, of course I made it and uh, I made it in spades because here I am. But I’ll talk more about that situation in just a few minutes for now. Let’s talk about another example.

If you’re constantly worrying about things in your life, uh, those things that cause you stress, it’s because you believe in your heart that worrying is the best thing you can do for that situation. Even though there’s nothing you can do to change any of the circumstances.

We talked about that in our very last podcast. I need you to understand something right here I’m not saying that you don’t have the right understanding or the knowledge about how good it is for you to exercise or how good it is for you to eat well or how bad it is for you to worry because of the stress. You may certainly understand and believe the truth of all these matters in your own mind. However, what I am saying is that you actually have in your subconscious the negative belief that says the very opposite and that is what you actually follow through on why? Because we know for a certainty that we always do what we truly believe in our subconscious. Right at this point, you may not believe what I’m saying is true, but what I’m saying is that if you have an issue like one of the examples I just gave or any other kind of issue where you have this type of conflict between what you think is right and what you actually do, the problem is not in your thinking or in your mind.

The issue is deep down in your heart or what we now acknowledge as being the subconscious science has proven that energy radiating from the heart is drastically stronger than the energy that comes from the brain, and that the heart actually does rule your actions. We’re not usually aware of our deep beliefs, but you can be sure they’re there. Why? Well, it’s because you don’t always do what your conscious mind is saying you should be doing.

Let’s take my personal example. For instance, going back to that few years have passed by, let’s say that I’ve decided to eat right and eat less. I fill my refrigerator and freezer with good food and well balanced frozen meals and I make a determined decision rather to eat only what is in these little tiny meals because I know they’re healthy and I know the caloric content will feed me properly and I have this vision of losing weight and exercising properly and becoming the better looking guy and the better feeling guy and the healthier and more energetic person that I want to be. When I get home from work because of one reason or another, I’m simply starved.

Let me say here that being hungry once in a while isn’t a bad thing when you really think about it rationally. Uh, they say now that fasting is a once in a while is actually a good thing and fasting regular is really good. Anyway, I open the freezer and I look at one those tiny little boxes of frozen food and I think, man, I’m too hungry to settle for just that little amount to eat. So what do I do? I go to the cupboard and I get out a jar of spaghetti sauce. I get out the noodles that I know I have always loved. I grab a pound of hamburger and I throw it all in the pan and I cook it and then I sat down at the dinner table and I eat until I’m full and then I eat until I’m way two full before I finally quit.

I can barely move enough to put the remaining food away. And then I go in and I sit down in my easy chair and while I am feeling so full on miserable, I begin to mentally chastise myself because I know that once again I’ve accomplished the exact opposite of what I know I should have done. Now I’m dealing with guilt and shame and self condemnation. So what kind of wrong belief do you think that I’m actually following through with? Well, while I’m standing there looking into that freezer, the voice of that little guy lying in the crib, so hungry that he’s crying so hungry that he becomes so weak from hunger that he isn’t even moving. And then on the operating table, his vital signs cease and they have to stop the surgery and revive me before they can continue. That is a memory that is burnt indelibly into my subconscious and the foundation of the belief deep inside, my subconscious that prompts the constant need to eat hungry or not from childhood clear into adulthood.

So after I’ve eaten that wonderful meal of Spaghetti because I am a good cook, you know I feel guilty and I say to myself, you know, you did it again and I hate myself for it. At that point I have actually lived out the true negative beliefs and reinforce them again once more time and it continues to cause me emotional pain, especially at that very moment when I feel bad about what I’ve done. However, at this point I’ve taken my own therapy and I’ve broken that cycle. Now, that cycle, whatever it may be for you, will continue until you’ve gotten rid of that belief structure that causes you to continually fail in your endeavor to accomplish whatever it is you want to do. That could range from getting proper exercise to becoming successful or whatever you’ve targeted in your life as a goal and everything in between.

Regardless of the circumstances that you experience on a continual daily basis, I want you to know this. The most helpful lesson you can learn from this cycle is that you always do what you believe. Every one of us has a belief like this in our heart that stops us from that great accomplishment and most have more than one and in many cases, some have many, many more than one of these types of belief that keeps us in a constant cycle of failure, a constant cycle of doing things that we don’t want to do because in our knowledge, we understand they’re bad for us and we wish we could stop. We can take each one of these beliefs and the things that they cause us to do and we can change our behavior for a little while just so willpower, but I have to tell you that the end result will always be that your heart issue or belief will always win out in the end.

Now, self help tools rely on willpower and suggest that you just make yourself do it until it becomes a habit. Now you need to try and do what is right. I’ll make that clear, making every effort to move in the proper direction, but I’ll tell you right now, unless you are also healing the underlying wrong beliefs and programmings while you’re trying to do what is right, your attempts at dealing with the problem, through willpower will in the long term most likely fail and leave you disappointed. The major question is how can one change unconscious or subconscious beliefs that they’re not even aware of? Well, it’s at this point that energy therapy comes into play. Did you know that the veterans administration is now using one of the same methods that I use to help veterans work through post traumatic stress syndrome or PTSD and other emotional problems.

The originator of this method took a team to the Veterans Hospital in California and during the time that they were there, they worked on several different very difficult cases involving veterans from the Vietnam War that had been hospitalized rather due to their PTSD. That manifested itself in one form or another. The outcome of this trial was nothing less than miraculous. It proved to the powers that be in the veteran’s administration. That energy healing for the veterans and for the emotions is a vital tool and they should add to their therapy the techniques that we’re already using to help the vets and now energy healing for the emotions is part of their process. I have to say right here that medical science researchers are saying that up to 95% of physical ailments start as being an issue in the emotional area of the patient. In my therapy practice, I use three different techniques of energy healing to help people become emotionally free.

I’ve found all three of them to be very effective in changing the subconscious belief structure from self destructive actions to constructive actions and beliefs. Energy healing does change lives and promotes physical healing while in the process. The whole focus of my podcasts are to help you understand that no matter what it is that has you trapped emotionally and causes you to react negatively to your circumstances, you can be free of that belief. You can become emotionally free. Soon I will be starting a series on the six most recognized forms of anxiety being eaten in with general anxiety disorder and I would like you to tune back in and give a listen to these important podcasts and maybe receive some help from them.

Again, this is Galen Beardsley and I want to thank you for tuning into this podcast to learn more about becoming free from emotional bondage, whatever yours may be.

I want to invite you to listen to my other podcast if you haven’t already, and you can also go to my website at www.beemotionallyfree.com where you will find transcripts of these podcasts as well as the ability to comment on what you just heard or maybe suggest to me and other topics that you’d like, some more information on, something that’s really bothering you and you want to know more about it or how to break free of it

While you’re there at the website, you can hit the subscribe button and you’ll be notified when a new episode is published. So until next time, I want to leave you with another absolute truth.


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