New Book

Release Trapped Emotions That Trigger Your Anxiety

Anxiety, Finding Freedom From This Deadly Life Force 

I am saddened by the statistic that shows that there is over 40 million people in the US alone that are plagued by Anxiety in one form or another.  I believe EVERYONE deserves to be free to follow their hearts in the direction it may lead no matter where or what the situation.  Anyone who suffers from anxiety in any form, does not have that freedom and is a slave to their emotional past.

As I work with clients in my practice, I hear the personal, emotional trauma in their voice even as they’re describing their feelings to me.  The feelings of being trapped by their own emotions, and hating the control anxiety has over them while fearing they will never be free from the devastating effects of that control.

The soon to be published “ANXIETY, Finding Freedom From This Deadly Life Force” is being written to bring hope to those who now feel they have no hope….To bring life to those who, for reasons of their anxiety, feel they have no life….And freedom to those                                               who will reach out and grab the “Golden Ring” of opportunity this book presents






Work has begun on a project that is so close to my heart.  It is my desire to introduce everyone to the very real truth about ANXIETY and practically every other emotional disorder.  Emotional freedom is totally possible through the process of exploring Energy Healing and Emotional Therapy.

Dealing with the symptoms of emotional disorders is difficult and tedious and it never really addresses the actual underlying causes of your emotional struggles. In my opinion, based on my experiences working with clients, most emotional disorders, can be linked in one way or another to a basic foundation in Anxiety.

It is my hope that you will be able to realize by reading this book, that there is more options available to you than just learning how to deal with the symptoms of your emotional disorder whatever it may be. Total Freedom is available to you through the total release of the underlying causes.